7 Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Buying a house can be one of your most significant investments. Hence, it would not be a mystery if you want to spruce it up from time to time.

That said, here are seven innovative interior design ideas that you can use in your home:

1. Suspended bed

When working with limited space in your home, it doesn’t mean that you have to live a lower quality of life. Looking for innovative design ideas can help with that.

For example, if you don’t have enough space for a bed, don’t opt for the ever-reliable pull-out bed from the sofa. Instead, you can have a suspended bed that takes up more of your vertical space than your floor space.

It’s a zany look, especially for guests, but once you get used to it, you’ll love how unique it looks for your home.

2. Slipcovers

An underrated and underutilized item that can help add a different vibe to your interior design would be slipcovers. Stylish slipcovers can make your furniture pieces like a sofa more comfortable and add a different look. It comes in different variations, so you can easily find one to fit your home theme.

Slipcovers are also a convenient way to avoid things from spilling directly onto your furniture pieces. So, if you have renovations but don’t want to cover your furniture in plastic, you can use slipcovers.

At Maid Sailors House Cleaning Services Austin, we recommend using slipcovers to protect your furniture when you have kids. They’re stylish, easy-to-remove, and protective while adding a different design element to your home.

3. Heat-rejecting windows

If you live in a country with a primarily hot climate, you might want to consider getting heat-rejecting windows. It is also known as low-emissivity or low-E windows.

Low-E windows have a particular film coating them that is better at reflecting sunlight. This effect helps your home become cooler during the day. What that means for you is a more comfortable temperature during the day and reduced air conditioning costs. They’re handy during the summertime.

Also, since Low-E windows also reflect more UV light, it can help reduce the rate with which your furniture fades.

4. Textured wall finishes

Textured wall finishes are a simple way for you to add some pops of different stylish elements into a room without adding decor. Aside from that, it can be as complex or easy to install as you want it to be or are capable of doing.

There are different textured wall finishes that you can install or add to your home. For example, if you have excess pressure-treated wood, you can create an accent wall from it. It’s also an excellent way to use extra pressure-treated lumber if you have some after building a deck, fences, or something similar.

The key is to have a textured wall finish that can stand out from the other walls to have a more significant stylistic impact.

5. Add mirrors

The clever addition of mirrors can incorporate various design elements in your home. However, this will depend on where you place them, the shape of the mirrors, and more.

You can use mirrors for a variety of things. For example, a unique bedroom nightstand idea would be to add mirrors behind your bedroom nightstands to add elegance beside your bed.

Mirrors are also quite good at brightening up different rooms in your home, depending on the placement. They’re especially effective if you place them in front of natural light sources. Plus, mirrors can also make a room look larger. For example, a reflective coffee table can make your living room look larger.

All these different ways to incorporate mirrors can have an aesthetic appeal as well as a practical result.

6. Home automation

Smart homes are becoming more popular in many homes.

It can be as simple as having a voice-activated assistant like Google Home in your living room. However, there are plenty of smart home automation gadgets that you can add to your home.

For example, a smart coffee maker can brew coffee for you at a dedicated time, and you can even operate it using your phone. There are plenty of other smart gadgets to make your home more automated.

7. Solar power

If you have the budget, it will help if you can invest in renewable energy resources like solar power. For one, it allows you to use a renewable energy source.

Moreover, when your solar panels produce more energy than you use for the day, your power grid could pay you for the excess energy. Another option is to store those in a battery, which you can use in case of a power outage.

These design ideas can help make your home more appealing for aesthetic or practical reasons. Of course, they’re more innovative than your usual home design ideas, but these should help turn your house into a relaxing and comfortable abode.

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