Different Applications of Pressure Treated Wood

In case you have ever worked with any kind of lumber for constructing fencing, decking, or for boat docks, you need to consider using pressure treated wood.

This pressure treated lumber has already been infused with a number of preservatives so that it can become highly resistant to rot, decay, insects, water or any other wear and real issues due to weather-related problems.

This kind of wood can easily last more than 20 years. Besides having their so much long life, such pressure treated wood will also be backed up with sufficient warranty as well. Though their terms of warranty may vary based upon the preservative that have been infused in pressure treated wood.

This pressure treated woods are most suitable for any kind of outdoor projects. Therefore, if you are considering any outdoor home project, then this kind of wood should always be your first choice. Any pressure treated wood will be the right material for all types of outdoor project, which is not just because this material is resistant to insects or decays but also such wood can be a good renewable source and after it has completed its complete useful life in the project, then it can be also be used as any carbon neutral source of energy.

Here are few home projects where it can be the perfect choice.

  • Decks

Any deck can really be a great addition to your house that can add a very relaxing outdoor space for your home and also increase the curb appeal of your house. Since your deck will remain exposed to snow, rain, hail, bugs and also sun, therefore it is important that you select any pressure treated wood in order to keep your deck intact. You must make sure that you are using any correct wood preservative for your project.

  • Swing sets

You can use this pressure treated woods for building swing sets for your kids. This option will be best for swing as they can very well survive in any weather/outdoor elements that it will remain exposed to.

  • Landscaping

Pressure treated wood can also be considered for your any landscaping project like any railroad ties to retain the walls for having decorative edging, or for landscaping projects e.g. raised flower beds or any vegetable gardens. This kind of treated wood will provide resistance to bugs too.

  • Docks

You will need any moisture resistant material for your boat docks as wood will remain constantly in water, where pressure-treated wood is the only best alternate available.

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