Elevate Your Space In Your Forever Home

Many families have foregone buying starter homes as they enter the real estate market in favor of ‘forever homes. According to Rocket Homes, 56.8% of the surveyed first-time homebuyers indicated that they were more interested in a home they could see their family in for a long period of time, as opposed to a short one. With financing rates changing, even current homeowners have begun detesting the demands of taking out a new mortgage and instead have considered moving. Alternatively, these homeowners have also considered updating their homes to make it more functional in the long-term. Creating a forever home requires these changes and as technology evolves, many forever homes will be integrated with these various technologies. For example, smart home technology has made a huge impact on families attempting to bolster their forever homes. Smart automation systems, with integrated interior and exterior lights, in addition to a robust security system complete with cameras and motion detection, are an incredible value driver in security for a family. More in the vein of convenience, some homes have even been outfitted with motorized window shades that are programmable to operate from your smartphone. Though smart home technology is certainly a start, the truth is the updates to your home will come from your family’s needs. To learn more about the way in which your family can identify which changes are necessary, please read on to the resource coupled alongside this post.

Elevate Your Space In Your Forever Home, provided by Vault Furniture, a reliable option for a custom wall mounted desk

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