Have You Been Avoiding the Stairs?

If you are older and have been avoiding taking the stairs, it is understandable. Stair climbing becomes more difficult as we age as our joints and muscles are less stable. Therefore, avoiding the stairs becomes a necessity at times. However, it does not have to become a permanent situation.

You can still take the stairs with the aid of a mobility helper, such as a stair lift. By using this quasi-elevator, you can “climb” steps safely and easily. You don’t have to worry about operation as you can learn to use the stairlift without too much difficulty.

A Basic Three-Step Process

If you do install a home stair lift in Evesham, operation consists of a basic three-step process, as follows:

  • Sit on the seat of the stair lift
  • Adjust and put on the seatbelt for safety
  • Use the rocker switch on the product’s armrest to move or stop the stairlift

Remote Access Simplifies Use Even Further

Simply release the rocker switch if you want to stop moving. The switch can be placed on the armrest so it is comfortable to use. Do you have more than one person in your household who needs to use the stairlift? If so, the product is designed with remote usability. For example, if you are on the top landing and someone in your home has used the stairlift, push the “up” arrow to access the device.

Why should you make stair-climbing difficult at any age? Whilst climbing stairs proves to be beneficial to younger people, it can lead to injuries in older adults. Play it safe and install a stair lift if you are older. Explore your options today.

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