Household Chemical Storage Guide

Often times the toughest thing about cleaning isn’t the actual cleaning but finding the time to clean. Every families’ cleaning intervals will be different, but one thing should always be the same amongst families: prioritizing safety over convenience. This isn’t about the way in which families clean, but rather the way in which these families store the cleaning products they regularly, or sparingly, use. Many families decide on how they store products based on how often they use them. For example, disinfectant wipes will be left at arm level or below in whatever storage closet they end up in. Similarly, laundry detergent is often left out atop dryer units. Despite this being convenient, it can be extremely dangerous to those unfamiliar with the products. In the wrong hands, either of the aforementioned products can be lethal. So, to better protect your family from these products slipping into the wrong hands, or claws, reduce the amount of hazardous cleaning products lying around the most convenient parts of the home. Establish a storage caddy to house these products and remain consistent in placing it in safe spots. For more information on how to form this caddy, please read on to the resource embedded alongside this post.

Household Chemical Storage Guide from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, a leader in industrial chemical services

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