How To Get Rid Of Blue Bottle Flies

Flies cause the most concern in the domestic situation. Especially the massive blue bottle fly; the flies cause a lot of trouble and are very annoying. The main reason is hygiene because these things live and breed in rotting places. It may be coming from your compost bin outside. Flies can also cause various diseases, so people adopt many measures to avoid them. Some people even buy expensive sprays to drive away flies. Despite this, the flies do not take the name of leaving the chase.

They come straight from the garbage and then sit on the food items like organic fruits, vegetables or uncovered cooked food and spread bacteria and germs from place to place, which can lead to boils, inflammation and many deadly diseases. That’s why it is essential to eliminate them from the house. Everywhere the flies keep buzzing. Due to this, the problems in houses have increased. We get irritated by blowing them away, but all the efforts to drive them away go in vain.

If flies are in the house, it is a serious threat and can be very disturbing. Blue bottle flies can do you more harm than you can imagine. These flies can transmit more than 60 diseases, such as dysentery, typhoid, diarrhoea, enteritis, and more.

The Best Way To Make Your Space Less Attractive To Flies

  • Check that your home doors, windows, and vents are closed and free of gaps, holes, and holes.
  • Choose a trash bin fitted with a secure lid and get rid of the waste at the time it’s completely gone.
  • Keep cooked food uncovered. Use airtight containers to store food, especially outside.
  • Make sure to leave unwashed glasses or dishes in the sink.
  • Cover the pool area or remove anything that could collect rainwater.
  • Don’t use poisons to kill rodents because they can harm pets and children.
  • Clean your house every day or sanitize it.

Things You Can Use For Blue Bottle Flies?

Outdoor Fly Fan

It is an eco-friendly and safe product that keeps flies out of your food and beverages. Set your fan near your food and start it up. The blades, if placed correctly, will turn without causing any noise. If something touches the edges that the fan can catch, it will stop it. It is possible to use this fly fan during barbeques, camp, dining outdoors, or even at picnics. Fly fans work through spinning blades. Due to the powerful winds, the fly becomes stuck in the fan and then falls. Additionally, the fly fans come with an attractive light, and when a fly views it as something that is not natural, it will be drawn to it.

Natural Spray

You can use natural spray instead of chemical spray to get rid of flies and pests in the house. It proves to be very effective. For this, mix two teaspoons of salt in a cup of water. Then add a few drops of lemon to this mixture. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle. After this, spray it on the windows and doors of your house.

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