How to Mix & Match Sofas and Chairs

Choosing a sofa set for your living room is not as easy as it seems. You will have to ensure that all the pieces complement each other and the overall home decor. Many people often buy all matching items for the interiors. Although it can create a great home design, some people find this approach a little boring. If you too feel that picking all matching furniture pieces makes the design fall flat, you can consider mixing and matching them. However, mixing and matching furniture items can be a little tricky. Although there are no strict rules that you need to follow, you will have to ensure that all the pieces complement each other. There are various ways you can mix and match furniture pieces in your home. If you are not sure about how to do it, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Choose different shapes

The shapes of your furniture can impact your interior design. Many people only stick to just one shape. However, you do not necessarily have to pick the same shape when choosing your sofa set. By mixing and matching different furniture shapes, you can create a fun and informal sitting arrangement. However, do not choose shapes that are completely different. Even when you mix and match, you will have to ensure that uniformity is maintained in the interiors. For instance, if you have a boxy recliner in your home, you can choose slimmer round chairs to complement it as long as the heights are the same. The contrast will add to the visual appeal of the space.

02 of 05 Play with colours

Colours play a very crucial role in enhancing the appeal of your home interiors. When choosing a sofa set for your living room, you should pay attention to the colour. If you do not want to opt for the same for all your furniture pieces, you can always add more excitement to the space by choosing furniture pieces of different colours. You can find furniture pieces in many different colours easily in the market. Hence, pick the colours carefully to ensure that furniture pieces complement each other and the rest of the home decor. When the colours do not look good together, the overall appeal of your living room design gets affected. If you are not sure about which colours will look good together, research online or check magazines. Whenever you come across something interesting, take pictures and match them with the furniture pieces when you go shopping.

03 of 05 Add textures

Textures help in adding more visual interest to any space as well. When mixing and matching textures, make sure that the design element stays the same. For instance, all the elements such as the shape and size of your furniture pieces should be kept similar if you are introducing furniture pieces featuring different materials like wood, metal, or plastic. Hence, even if you place two different chairs in a room like a wooden chair and a plastic chair, they will appear appealing together when you add the same colour upholstery to both of them.

04 of 05 Choose the style

You will find many arrangements featuring furniture pieces of similar styles. Although it is a good idea, it can appear too formal and a little overwhelming at times. If you want to create a fun and relaxing environment, you should consider opting for a sofa set for your living room that features different styles. For instance, you can combine modern sleek and minimalist chairs with traditional large and antique pieces featuring intricate details for an interesting look. Even though they are from different timelines, you can make them work together just by matching one or more small elements like the material, height, colour, shape, etc.

05 of 05 Determine the scale

In this case, the scale of your sofa set does not indicate its measurements but rather its visual weight. While some furniture pieces appear heavier, others seem quite light and minimalist. Choosing furniture pieces that have a similar visual appearance help to create a uniform and balanced look. However, you can play with the scale a little for a more interesting look. By combining bulky and slim furniture pieces, you can create a blanched look as well.

Arranging dissimilar objects in your living room design can be a little difficult but it can certainly appear very appealing if done correctly. By choosing each and every piece carefully, you can create a well-balanced look using dissimilar items as well. Just make sure that you pay attention to even small details and create a beautiful home interior by following the aforementioned points.

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