Robotic Pool Cleaner: Is It Worth Investing In?

The future of pool cleaning belongs to robotic pool cleaners. The setup process is easy and the programming features are simple as well. With a robotic pool cleaner, owning a fibreglass pool becomes even more fun. This is because while you can continue to enjoy your pool as you did before, you no longer have to worry about cleaning it.

If you don’t own a robotic pool cleaner yet, then there’s a lot to learn about this beneficial gadget that you can bring home. When you learn what the advantages of owning a robotic pool cleaner are, you won’t be able to resist bringing one home.

They Are Energy Efficient

There are pool cleaners that are so energy-efficient that you’ll be spending barely anything to run them for a three-hour cycle. You’ll be able to save money, and there will be hardly any impact on how much energy your home is using.

You can also reduce your carbon footprint with a robotic pool cleaner. So if going green is important to you, then owning a robotic pool cleaner should be right up your alley. This is because you’ll be able to keep your pool maintained while there are no negative effects on the energy consumption of your home.

They Are Easy To Use

By design alone, robotic pool cleaners are easy to use. All you have to do is drop your robotic pool cleaner in the water. Then, turn it on and allow it to run. You don’t have to be present when your robotic pool cleaner is running its cycle.

Afterwards, it has finished its work, all you have to do is pull the cord out and clean out the filter of your robotic pool cleaner.

Note that different models of robotic pool cleaners run in different ways. So you should read the instruction booklet that comes with your pool cleaner, to best learn how to use it. If you are unsure about which model to buy, you could do an online search regarding the various models available, so you can best decide what robotic pool cleaner would suit your home.

Your Robotic Pool Cleaner Runs On Your Schedule

There are still many fibreglass pool owners who hire pool cleaning businesses to clean and maintain their pools. These businesses usually operate on schedules that are set ahead of time. So if you’re getting ready to throw a pool party, but the party doesn’t adhere to your pool cleaning schedule, you could be in trouble.

With a robotic pool cleaner, on the other hand, it will run whenever you want it to. You could even choose to use your pool at a time that’s considered unusual. Throwing a late-night party around your pool? Just use your robotic pool cleaner after the party ends to clean your pool. You’ll be in complete control of when your pool is cleaned.

Can Clean Walls And Tiles

There are robotic pool cleaners that are designed to clean the walls and the tiles as well. Your pool cleaner will be able to climb the walls of your fibreglass pool from Perth, cleaning everything in its path. Even your water lines can be gotten rid of.

This means that you no longer have to either hire someone or go down yourself into the pool to brush the walls and the tiles. Your robotic pool cleaner can take care of that chore for you.

Doesn’t Run On The Pool System

There are a lot of models that come with their own sources of power. They run independently of the system used by the pool. So you don’t have to turn your robotic pool cleaners that at the same time you’re running the pool pump, or using other features in your pool.

There are robotic pool cleaners that also come with their own battery pack. If you choose to get a robotic pool cleaner like this, then remember to check the specifications of your device. This is so you can find out how long your robotic pool cleaner’s battery will last.

Program Your Pool Cleaner To Run In Advance

 There are a lot of robotic pool cleaners that can be programmed ahead of time. This way, you can decide in advance when you want your pool cleaner to run. When you program your pool cleaner in advance, you ensure that the pool is cleaned on a regular basis.

Even if you forget to run your pool cleaner, or if you spend a lot of time travelling, the robotic pool cleaner will clean your pool at scheduled times. This feature also ensures that your pool is hygienic, whenever you want to use it.

WiFi Capabilities

There are a lot of robotic pool cleaners that you can link to the WiFi in your home. And then, you’ll be able to control them using an app on your smartphone. From anywhere you are, such as at home or at work, check the status of your robotic pool cleaner. All you need is access to an internet connection.

Not all robotic pool cleaners come with this capability. So check the specifications of the robotic pool cleaner you’re getting, to ensure that it can be connected to WiFi.

No Costs That Are Ongoing

The only cost you need to consider is that of running your pool cleaner on a regular basis. Most robotic pool cleaners don’t have ongoing costs that you need to consider.

What this means is that you could save a lot of money, since you won’t need to hire a pool cleaning service to regularly clean your fibreglass pool. To ensure that your robotic pool cleaner is durable and has longevity, buy a model that is of quality. A cheaper device may not last that long, requiring you to buy a replacement model sooner.


Investing in a robotic pool cleaner is a great idea. There are many advantages you can enjoy, such as your pool being regularly maintained even without your intervention. You also won’t have to hire a pool cleaning service anymore, saving you a lot of money. Use this guide to learn whether a robotic pool cleaner is worth Investing in or not.

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