The Latest Technology! Making Swimming More Safe and Fun

Swimming and safety issues

Swimming can be fun. It is a fun activity for people of all ages. Children especially love spending time in the pool. There is nothing that children like more than having fun with friends in the pool. Older children love swimming laps to keep fit and practice in their swimming pools. One of the problems associated with swimming is the risk of accidents. Even though pools have separate sections for kids with a lesser depth, many incidents of accidents keep occurring.

Drowning accidents can be fatal, and a child swimming peacefully can down within seconds if not monitored. It is estimated that nearly 390 children die each year because of an accident in a swimming pool. Of the various drowning deaths, 75% are of children below the age of four. Another startling statistic is related to drowning deaths of children below the age of sixteen. 75% of deaths occur at residential swimming pools. This makes it important to focus on swimming safety. This is needed not just in public pools but more at homes.

Many families worry when they have a swimming pool at home. They are scared that kids can slip into the swimming pool for fun when no one is around. The consequences are scary. This is why swimming pool makers and related companies are using technology so that swimming is safer for children. Technology is progressing rapidly. New technology innovations can help make swimming safe and fun.

Fencing and covering the pool

When you are busy with other things, you wouldn’t want your children to slip into the pool without your knowledge. An even worse situation is kids from the neighborhood, making a secret visit to your pool and having an accident. This can be disastrous! It can leave you facing an expensive lawsuit. You can put a fence around the pool but it spoils the looks and kids can jump over the fence. There are bigger fences with locks that can help keep children off the pool. Glass fences are available that do not even mar the pool’s appearance.

Another good option is the use of pool covers. Bubble covers are a good solution to cover the pool’s surface and keep out the sun’s heat. They are cheap and can help prevent water evaporation. Another innovation is the use of a cover that rests at the bottom of the pool. When you want to close the pool, you can inflate the cover and it rises up to close off the pool. Electric covers are another option and can be used to close your pool even from a remote location. This secures your pool from unauthorized access.

Surveillance systems for the pool

The common surveillance cameras can be deployed near the swimming pool to help you keep track of the pool. This is a simple technology application that helps you know if your children come near the pool. The use of motion sensors makes this technology even more effective. You need not watch the feed from the camera always, which is not practical. The sensors will detect motion by humans (including kids) near the pool.

The technology used is advanced and can differentiate between humans and small animals. This avoids false alarms being triggered off. When your kid or someone approaches the pool, it triggers an alarm. This will let you immediately know that someone is near your pool. You can then see the feed from the cameras to know how it is and take immediate action. This is a simple yet effective way of keeping kids away from the pool without supervision.

Swim monitoring headgear

Another powerful innovation is the use of swim monitoring headgear in the form of bands. The band is equipped with a swim monitoring and drowning detection system. This system can monitor if the wearer is submerged in the water and can immediately trigger an alarm. This is helpful when you are busy near the pool catering to guests while the kids are busy with play. It will alert you to a potential problem. This technology is especially helpful in public and commercial swimming pools.

Auto flotation device

This device is nothing but a flotation device that ensures your kid floats instead of swimming. The device comes with technology that can detect how much water is present. It can inflate the device automatically allowing the child to float. It ensures safety and is suitable for kids learning to swim.

Advanced water quality testing

Apart from the danger of drowning, another risk is that of pools that are not cleaned. Testing water quality is easy thanks to technology. There are mobile apps like InstaLink that helps you test your pool for chlorine levels and pH levels instantly. You don’t need to take the sample to a lab. The technology has strips that are linked to the mobile app. You can use the strip with the app to convert your smartphone to a testing device to get instant results.

Technology for pool cleaning

Cleaning the pool is not an easy job. Presently, the cleaning systems clean only the top surface of the pool. A pump removes water and then sends it back to the pool after filtration through jets. This system results in the water at the bottom of the pool not being cleaned. Technology has ensured that self-cleaning equipment cleans the entire pool. The pump used in this technology is energy-efficient and can save a lot of money for you. This is the perfect example of technology helping you make the perth pool safe and saving money for you.

Technology is helpful in every field and even in the world of swimming. Adopting technological innovations can help you secure your swimming pool. With the use of the right technology, you can make your pool a safe place for children where they can have fun. You can then stop worrying about your children’s safety and relax as they have fun.

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