Things To Know About Proportional Digital Thermostat

The proportional digital thermostat is for indoor use only. It should be fixed at the height of 1.5m from the floor, in a position where it is affected by changes in temperature and where air circulates freely. This device should be kept away from heat sources or places where it receives direct sunlight.

In addition, the proportional digital thermostat can be used in numerous indoor environments and has EEPROM memory, which guarantees to keep the parameter set for up to a week, even in case of power failure. Another positive point is the easy installation, as it is an efficient and easy-to-handle instrument that can also be used with a remote sensor.

Digital Proportional Thermostat Characteristics

The proportional digital thermostat can be used with a remote NTC temperature sensor, 10Kohm. Its nominal voltage is 24Vac, 50/60Hz, and its maximum power consumption is 1.5VA.

The temperature range of the proportional digital thermostat is from 0°C to 40°C, input/output control with a digital input: dry contact (occupancy sensor) and an analog output of 0 to 10V, maximum 1mA, in addition to having a degree of IP20 protection.

To ensure these advantages and acquire a high-quality proportional digital thermostat, it is necessary to choose a company that offers the best equipment with resistant materials, a differentiated company that serves its customers quickly and efficiently, the best option among the companies specialized in the segment of air conditioning systems.

Double Stage Thermostat

The double stage thermostat is a device designed to control ventilation and conditioning in air conditioning units. The device can be applied in a fan coil with up to two stages of cooling and heating, in climate control systems, in multi-split and mini-split, being an extremely versatile product.

The double stage thermostat is easy to install and must always be positioned on the wall, in a place where there is good air circulation. The device must be 1.5 meters above the ground and never close to doors and windows. Despite the ease of installation, this service must be performed exclusively by professionals trained for this function.

All About The Double Stage Thermostat

The double stage thermostat has a diaphragm formed by two circulars, welded flexible metal sheets. In this diaphragm, there is a gas, which changes in pressure according to changes in ambient temperature, causing the diaphragm to expand or contract.

The dual-stage thermostat fan at Blackhawk supply is continuously running, and all product switches are slide-in, making their handling very simple. The dual-stage thermostat has only one output capable of driving the fan or a two-tube fan coil valve.

This product operates efficiently in environments with varying temperatures, ranging from 10°C to 30°C, and with different humidity coefficients, from 0 to 90%.

The dual-stage thermostat is connected via eight 1.5 mm thick wire terminals and is mounted directly on the wall. The product is light and has a modern design, featuring 85 mm x 130 mm x 40 mm.

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