Three Ways to Refurbish your Metal Industrial Roof and Cladding

If your metal industrial roof is starting to rust, you might think of the expense of roof replacement. However, you have more options than this. Just ensure you assess your roof’s current state. Is the rusting visible on the edges or all over? Are you looking to change the appearance of your roof? Perhaps you are changing your organization’s colour scheme. These are some of the things to consider when figuring out the right solution to your metal roof problem. Below are some of the effective options to transform your rusty roof into an attractive one.

Painting or Coating

Those who want to paint or coat their metal industrial roof have their own reasons. They may want to rent out their building and want to make their building stand out and get noticed by possible renters. Painting and coating your roof will enhance its look and make it last for many years. Also, this protects the metal against deterioration caused by chemicals and weather. If you just want the roof or cladding painted or coated with less concern on waterproofing, you can find affordable products in various colors that are cost-effective.

The edge laps are the part of metal industrial roof and cladding parts that are prone to rust. Make sure your contractor uses a coasting made for this need. The edge cover should be at least 40 percent on very sharp edges and 100 percent on round corners. When applied, the cover will protect the edge against rusting, extending its life.

Replacing the Whole Roof

If you choose to replace the whole roof, make sure you do the necessary preparations. Metal industrial roofing should be prepared to St2 standard. After preparing the surface, a coating should be applied on with a brush, over fixings and bolts as well as under the edge laps. When dry, edge laps’ gaps will be filled. Then, the whole area will be applied with two coats to restore the beauty of your rusty metal roof and cladding.


In case you cannot afford a whole roof replacement, consider overcladding asbestos roof with a contemporary metal profile. Depending on how much you can spend, consider this option to provide a total facelift and increase your property’s value. This solution involves keeping the original asbestos cement roof sheets and installing new skylights to replace the discoloured and delaminated ones. Such installation increases the amount of life that enters the building and will promote a significant reduction in energy usage.

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