You Won’t Believe What Your Tree is Doing for You


People take trees for granted. Air pollution and global warming are ravaging the earth like never before. While some choose to fight for it, others remain ignorant of the fact that without enough trees, the world will slowly fall into anarchy. Without enough clean air, and the rising rate of air pollution, people will suffer if they don’t step up for a better tomorrow. You should also do your part, and work towards preserving what’s left. If you cannot afford the time, Google ‘tree service near me’ and ask the officials to take care of it. Trees are an essential part of the ecosystem and here is a list of everything they do for humanity.

The Details

  1. Health benefits– Besides oxygen, shades, and a cleaner environment, trees contribute immensely to your ecosystem. The canopies act as natural filters that trap dust and other pollutants present in the air. It is found that each individual and fully grown tree removed up to 1.69 kilos of pollutants every year from the air. They also provide protection against solar radiation. Here are a few trees that are known mainly for their various medicinal properties.

When it comes to health, trees have medicinal properties. For instance, alder is used to wash wounds. Appletree root barks are used to treat fevers while apples reduce stomach acidity and help clean the liver. Birch bark oil has antiseptic properties, and the leaves and twigs are used to treat kidney and bladder sediments and mouth sores. The bark of a beech tree is used to create tea to treat lung problems, including tuberculosis.

  1. Environmental benefits– First and foremost, trees produce oxygen without which no living being could survive on the earth. They take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during photosynthesis. Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a forest spread over an acre of land gives out four tons of oxygen for every six tons of carbon dioxide consumed. But that’s not all.

Trees also control the climate by reducing the temperature in city regions by up to 6-7oC. They also reduce wind speed and prevent severe storms from ravaging any specific region. The tree roots hold soil particles together and prevent soil erosion, and floods by absorbing millions of liters of rainwater. All herbivore animals look to trees for their primary source of nourishment.

Trees are indispensable to the ecosystem and if not taken care of properly will endanger the future of the human race.

  1. Wildlife benefits– A single tree can host up to 500 different species of creatures. The Richmond Oak Park is filled with these old and pristine trees. The region has even been designated as a National Nature Reserve and the Site of Special Scientific Interest. Birds, lichen insects, and fungi all take refuge under a tree. While some use it as a source of food, others call it home and use it as a shelter.

Due to the scarcity of trees, various other species of animals are losing their homes. It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure trees are being taken care of and plant more of them whenever possible.

  1. Spiritual benefits– Trees are beautiful and majestic. Every year, gardeners spend thousands tending to their garden. The natural green colors not only look good but create a healthier and more natural environment for kids and pet animals. The natural human reaction towards a tree ranges from pleasant, calm, comfortable, and relaxed feelings.

Trees are like history books. They record the events of every household as they grow and develop alongside you. Oftentimes people who have trees in the backyard share an emotional connection with them. For instance, the individual may have planted the tree when they were a kid and gradually saw it grow over the years, alongside themselves.

People also share memories of loved ones and siblings who spent the past alongside them, playing and spending time beneath the trees. It’s simply impossible to measure the sentimental value of such special trees.

  1. Commercial value– Trees have supported the economy throughout the existence of human beings due to their wide variety of commercial uses. The first humans used wood to create a fire which is true even today. While there are other alternatives, such as mini stoves, there is no substitute for roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Trees also provide timbers that are still used for building and construction purposes. Some of the best furniture in the world is made from wood, where the carefully crafted artwork is second to none. Some of this furniture, especially old and vintage ones, are worth a fortune.

Lastly, trees provide nuts, fruits like oranges, guavas, apples, and other eatables that people consume worldwide on a daily basis. They also provide latex which is used to create tires, cables, and other appendages. Not only will the economy collapse, but the people around the globe will go unfed if humans were to cut down every single tree on earth. Until a suitable substitute (highly unlikely) is invented, trees will remain one of the most important resources on the globe.

  1. Property value– As per the USDA Forest Service, strategic tree placement around a house can reduce air conditioning costs by 30%. Moreover, properties with well-maintained trees are 20% higher compared to houses with no trees whatsoever. According to the Trendnomics, National Gardening Association, proper landscaping increases the sales appeal of all real estate. People are more inclined to invest in green surroundings because of the place’s inherent connection with nature and potential energy-saving opportunities.


Trees are an important part of the ecosystem. Their overall value is deeply ingrained into the very fabric of your lives, whether you realize it or not. The very paper on where you are writing is made from trees. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual reading this to conserve trees around them. So, whether it’s a dead tree or one that is leaning over the curb ready to fall any minute, or if someone is illegally cutting down trees, search for ‘tree service near me’ and leave the professional to take care of the job.

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